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Hey all! I'll cut right to the chase. I have to pause the episode schedule for a bit (the audio goes into detail), but stay tuned for future announcements. In the meantime, there's 7 past episodes of this podcast, plus a dozen episodes on my other podcast, No Cameras Allowed. That should tide you over! Plus, I have hundreds of videos on the main Computer Clan YouTube channel, with new episodes coming out every other week (sometimes more). Stay tuned, and thanks for your support! Catch the crazy, and pass it on.

007: Apple's First iProduct (the iMac)

iPods, iPhones, iPads… Apple’s lowercase “i” moniker is ubiquitous today—everybody knows what it means. But it all started with the release of Apple’s first iProduct in 1998—the iMac.

006: A Very Different Chip (The PowerPC G3)

In 1997, Apple’s website went dark for 24 hours, and it showed a picture of a chocolate chip cookie, a shopping cart, and a screwdriver. What could this possibly mean? Was it a hint for a new product? Let’s find out.

005: Apple Burns the Past: Final Cut Pro X Introduction (ft. Brad Olsen)

If Apple burned down your house, and built you an epic mansion with tons of cool stuff, that'd be pretty cool, right? Wait, no… YOU BURNED DOWN MY HOUSE?! In a nutshell, that's how many passionate, invested Final Cut Pro users felt when Apple rewrote the program for version 10.0, and killed support for version 7.0. Despite new innovations in the software update, many users felt betrayed or abandoned when Apple initiated this harsh transition. Today, we'll talk about the Final Cut Pro X launch: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

004: Apple and Microsoft Join Forces

This is a big one… thousands of passionate Apple users eagerly watched Steve Jobs walk on stage and tell the world how Apple is going to get healthy again, and at the end, he drops a bombshell announcement which resulted in lots of booing from the audience, but in the end, was it all for the better?

003: WWDC 1997: Steve Talks About Apple's Future

How cool would it be to go up to a microphone and ask Steve Jobs a question directly? Well, that’s what happened at World Wide Developers Conference 1997, where Steve Jobs answers questions about Apple’s future.

002: Steve Saves the Day!

In 1997, Apple Computer, Inc. was nearing insolvency, and their share price was below 20 cents (on a split-adjusted basis). They needed a rescue, but not just any rescue… a Steve Jobs rescue!

001: 1984 Won’t Be Like "1984" (The First Macintosh)

With a valuation of over 2 trillion dollars, and a world-wide iconic brand, Apple is arguably the most successful and influential company in history. However, the early days of the Macintosh were rough, and Steve Jobs left the company when the Mac was merely a year old.

000: An Insanely Great Podcast (Trailer)

Steve Jobs’ Apple keynote presentations were legendary, and they deserve to be shared! So, Krazy Ken and his friends are teaming up to take you on a journey through the Apple Keynote Chronicles!

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